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How often should you wash your house?

Most people clean the interior of their homes daily.  If you have small children or pets like us, you probably clean your home several times throughout the day! We clean the interior of our home so often that we often think of hiring a maid service. Some of you may already do that. But why? It’s simple really. A clean house is safer, more comfortable to live in, and definitely more appealing to the senses! It just makes us feel more at home when we live in an organized and clean environment.

So why would we want to clean the exterior of our home? Doesn’t rain and wind wash away the things that make our house dirty? Not by a long shot.

The number one reason we keep the exterior of our home cleaned is for appearance. We are simply more proud of our home when it is clean and well-kept. Curb appeal is very important for most home owners. The visual appearance of your home also plays a large benefit in your home’s perceived value.

How often do we drive by a neighborhood and notice nearly half or more of the homes in that neighborhood are dirty and covered in algae? It’s not often that we see those homes and think, “Those are some nice homes.” Dirty homes drive the property value down!

Did you know that giving your home a good wash once a year is actually beneficial to you and your family’s health?

The eaves, soffits, cracks, crevices, and overhangs on your home are ideal hiding places for insects, spiders, and other nasty creepy-crawlers. These places are also perfect places for mold, mildew, and algae to grow. If your home is left untreated for too long, you could start seeing tiny eco-systems growing all over your home!

So what’s the benefit to your health?

Do you or any members of your family suffer from seasonal allergies? It’s not uncommon for most people to get the sniffles and sneezes during peak allergy season. But what about people who suffer from allergies all year around? Chances are, they are exposed to the very allergens that are making them sick all day long! All those mold and mildew spores that are hiding on your home’s exterior surfaces are migrating into your home, contaminating the air and creating an unhealthy environment for your family.

So how often should your house be washed?

We recommend washing your home once a year whether you can visually see mold, mildew, or algae growth or not. These micro organisms will avoid sunlight by growing in the cracks and crevices of your home’s exterior surfaces. When you finally see the growth on surfaces such as siding, soffits, or gutters, you’ve waited too long.  

What makes our cleaning process different?

It’s 2019. The days of using a pressure washer to clean everything are over. We use a much gentler process. It’s call soft-washing. We apply a detergent based solution to your home’s exterior surface using dedicated soft-washing equipment. Our equipment is capable of washing up to four stories high from the ground at only 70 PSI! That’s about the same as the pressure coming out of your garden hose. After about 10 minutes, our solution will completely eradicate any and all organic growth on your home’s exterior surfaces. We then rinse the solution off your home leaving it clean, bright, and visually appealing again!

If you’re interested in having your windows cleaned up to perfection after having your home washed, we can take care of that for you the same day. Click here for more information. Residential Window Cleaning

Low Pressure House Washing In Westfield, Indiana

Today we took care of this 2,200 square foot house in Westfield, Indiana. We applied out soft wash solution to this home using our soft wash system that only produces 70 psi! Don’t allow anyone to use a pressure washer to clean your home. Pressure washing doesn’t kill algae and mildew. It only relocates it to the ground. In no time that algae and mildew will be growing on your home again. don’t let this happen to you. Call us today for your free estimate.

House Washing

Low-Pressure Deck Washing | Pressure Washing | Zionsville, Indiana


Today we low-pressure washed three Brazilian hardwood decks. These decks were 15 years old and had several coats of water sealer on them. After stripping them three times we rinsed them using very low pressure, 300 psi to be exact, to evenly clean the old sealer off, allowing the Brazilian hardwood’s vibrant colors to shine through. This was the first time washing Brazilian hardwood and I must say, the satisfaction of seeing such a drastic change was well worth the the straight hours washing them. Our Low-pressure deck washing service is very popular to customers who value the integrity of the materials we are washing. Give us a call today for a zero hassle, absolutely free quote for your professional pressure washing needs. 317-796-0809

Low Pressure House Washing

Here is an example of our low pressure house washing right here in Westfield. We apply our low pressure solution to gently and effectively clean your home’s exterior surfaces without using damaging high pressure. We never use high pressure to clean any surface other than concrete. To learn more about our low pressure house washing method, give us a call today at 317-796-0809!low pressure house washing carmel indiana

Low Pressure House Washing

Here is an example of our low pressure house washing right here in Westfield. We apply our low pressure solution to gently and effectively clean your home’s exterior surfaces without using damaging high pressure. We never use high pressure to clean any surface other than concrete. To learn more about our low pressure house washing method, give us a call today at 317-796-0809! low pressure house washing

Gutter Cleaning in Noblesville, Indiana

Noblesville Gutter Cleaning

Believe it or not, we are out cleaning gutters all month! Sometimes things get hectic and you forget to call a professional to clean your gutters in the fall. No worries. We service gutters all year around. It’s always best to have your gutters cleaned at least twice a year. Today we spent all afternoon servicing Noblesville residents.

Give us a call at 317-796-0809 to schedule your gutter cleaning today!

Roof washing in Indiana

Roof Washing

We started roof washing this year and the results have been amazing. We are able to remove those ugly black streaks, moss, and algae from tile, slate, and asphalt roofs! Most people are unaware that roof discoloration is caused by organic growth and not by age and weather. If you would like to learn more about the cleaning process, just give us a call and we would be happy to come out to your home and talk more with you about it.

Contact Us for your free roof washing estimate! 


So how do we remove those ugly black streaks?

We clean your roof using a very low pressure method know as “soft washing”. We will gently remove all of the mold, algae, and mildew that is colonizing on your roof using a formula of detergents, degreasers, and chemicals. No pressure washers!!!

Don’t leave your squeegee out

So I left a squeegee in the living room the other day and among the 100 other things in the room to play with, my son Trevor wanted something new. And as all babies do, he had to taste it. Kelly may have punched me for that one. Not because Trevor got a hold of the squeegee and tried to eat it, but because I pulled out my phone to take a picture instead of taking it from him. Whoops.  But the picture was so worth it.

Trevor Dane and his squeegee

Window Washing

No matter what size home you have, window washing is one of those jobs that seems to be put off. It’s not something that most of us look forward to doing. But, you know that you’ve got to get it done at least every once in a while so you can see out and the sunlight can come in. Instead of doing it yourself, consider these five reasons for hiring a professional window washing service.

It’s Time Consuming – You’ve got a lot of other things going on in your life and taking an afternoon or an entire day to wash windows is just not possible. Sure, you could wait until your day off to get the work done, but it’s supposed to be a day off, remember? When you hire a professional window washing service, you can focus on all the other things that matter to you.
It Can Be Dangerous – If you’re like most people, you probably don’t use a ladder very often. When you are washing exterior windows, in particular, you’ll need to climb up, clean the window and then climb back down. One misstep and you could get seriously injured. Leave the dangerous work for someone with experience and you’ll stay safe and secure on the ground.
It’s Not That Easy – Maybe one of the reasons we don’t like to do it is that window washing is hard work. You have to scrub, dry and stretch your way around every single window, sill and track. By the time you’ve finished you’ll have clean windows, but you’ll also have a sore back and arms. If you hire a service, you can save your energy for more fun activities.
It Can Be Expensive – If you’re serious about doing it yourself, you’ll need the proper window-washing cleaners and products to assure you get your windows good and clean. You’ll also need some equipment like a window squeegee, towels, a ladder and maybe even a power washer. If you hire a pro, you won’t have to lay out any extra cash for the supplies, it’s all about the service.
You’re Protected – You probably have homeowners or renters insurance on your dwelling and that can help if you have an accident while washing your windows. If you get hurt, that’s nice to know, but it’s still very risky. A good, reputable window washer will not only be insured, but they will also be licensed and bonded for an even higher level of protection. If your windows need a good washing and you’re just not up to the challenge yourself, consider hiring a window washing service. You’ll have clean windows and a little extra time on your hands too!

Clogged gutters can wreak havoc with the natural drainage of water away from your home. This can result in damage to fascia, soffit, roofing, or even begin leaking into your home. Additionally, water damage can ruin the very foundation of your home – something you NEVER want to happen.

Some of the many benefits of gutter cleaning include:

  • prevent water damage to your home
  • avoid nesting areas for termites, birds, mosquitoes, and other insects
  • prevent destruction of expensive landscaping
  • maintain value and beauty of your home

Make sure to schedule your gutter cleaning in the spring and fall each year.